A Home for Everyone


“Only when community members are safe and stable can there be progress in overcoming food insecurity.”

In Washtenaw County in 2014, over 4,666 people experienced homelessness. About 38% of those are families with young children.

On January 27, 2016, 342 people experienced homelessness on a single day in 2016. There were 23 families and 263 individuals.

Hunger security in our community will only happen when no one has to choose between a meal and/or shelter.

You don’t have to be in our community long to realize that housing is a serious concern. As housing costs rise, it is the most vulnerable that are displaced, making it extremely difficult for them to get back on their feet. Often these circumstances are exacerbated because displaced community members find themselves separated from traditional support structures like family and community. Without a good support system, having access to healthy food and other resources, may seem impossible.  

We believe that creating homes is an essential part of food security. Creating housing that is available and affordable is a difficult but increasingly important element in building an equitable society. There are no perfect solutions in a housing crisis but we must always place the basic needs of all our members first. It is only when community members are safe and stable that they can work toward better food security.