–Event Dates and Links–

3/3 YCHS Student Gallery Reception: Youth speak up on issues of inequality and injustice.

3/4  Lost and Found Cat Book Reading: Highlights the struggle of one refugee family.

3/10 ONE FREQ & DJ Graffiti: Two amazing artists join us for a night of celebration.

3/12 Josef Deas Jazz Night: A night to thank Washtenaw County Helping Professionals

3/13 Hunger Advocacy Card Writing: Spend time making your voice heard (coloring optional)

3/14 Pi Day: Pie, Pints & Prairie Event: A benefit for Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels

3/15 Soup Dinner - Serving up Swoops: A benefit for the EMU food pantry

3/16 Jazz Night at Cultivate: Al Bettis' music reflects on times of joy/pain/healing

3/18 Leaders of Ypsi #1: Talks on Hunger & Housing in our Community

3/18 Kid's Art Workshop with Autumn Askew: "Hungry for Change"

3/19 Leaders of Ypsi #2: Talks on Education & Race in Ypsilanti

3/24 Qween Lou & DJ Roman Martinez: Two amazing artists join us for a night of celebration.

3/25 Book Club Potluck: Living on$2 a Day: Starting Now, Join Now!

3/25 Ypsilanti Discussions: Bridging Communities & Working Together

3/31 Poetry Night

We are inviting local musicians, poets, print artists, photographers, and other contributors to the space for a diverse spread of events.

“Cultivate has been and will always be about investing in people,” Director Ryan Wallace said. “Cultivate believes that no person or business is neutral, but that we are all either contributing positively or negatively at all times in our community… This recognition causes us to do the difficult work of not just talking, but responding in action. Nadine Marshall states that, "this series is not ‘The Answer’ or ‘The Final Word’ it’s just one way that one organization is trying to respond; to hold space, to give voice…so that we can be challenged, so that we can grow, and so that we can help build a better city, one that is more equitable.” Please join us.

*More being added, so keep checking back*