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1. Are you a Non-Profit?

Yes, but we will pay taxes on our property and beverage sales. We want to be a part of the local business community and give back to the city of Ypsilanti in any way we can. We're going to utilize open book management for our accounting so that we have transparency across our organization. Employees and Volunteers will be invited to analyze our books, because we desire to be a transparent team working together to help change the world.

2. What do you value?

Craft | Community | Cause - Those are our 3 value areas. We're obsessed with having an excellent craft (coffee & beer), about creating an amazing community (events, affinity groups, etc), and investing in worthy causes (local and global gardening programs). We invite our employees, customers, volunteers, vendors, and city to engage with us at whatever level they feel comfortable.

3. What's your agenda?

Cultivate started as a desire/dream for businesses to be more than about $/profits. We are a local business that is focused on doing good in our community and world. Profits are invested into Cultivate's causes which don't discriminate based on any specific affiliation. They just have to align with our "cause areas" that we listed above. We want to help people and be a positive presence in the city and world. We think people will resonate with that.*If you have other questions...fill out the form below, or come in and ask for Ryan, Billy, or Bekah. We can't wait to meet you and find a way for you to get involved in this journey.

4. Where are you located?

307 N River Street, Ypsilanti, MI


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