“We have to end the vicious cycle of food insecurity and poor health outcomes. ”

It has been estimated that hunger costS the U.S. economy $160,000,000,000.00 every year in poor health outcomes.

A person without access to good food has a doubled risk of type 2 diabetes, and probably struggles with obesity and hypertension.”

The connection between food and health is well known. Ending hunger is impossible without access to health care. Good health is impossible without access to Good food. Access to affordable nutritious food can have a dramatic impact on health outcomes. People who eat good food tend to live longer, healthier lives and require fewer health interventions. Unfortunately when people are faced with the difficult choice between paying for increasingly more expensive healthcare and buying healthy nutritious food, often times the result is more under-insured people with less healthy food.

Imagine being forced to choose between access to healthy food or to healthcare. Imagine choosing between a trip to the doctor or food for dinner. Unfortunately this is a reality for many of our own community members (neighbors).  Concerns about insurance force many families to make difficult decisions about their food budgets. No family should have to make these difficult decisions between healthy food or healthcare.