“There is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone. What is required is leadership to help fix the systems that restrict the access to it.”

Strong global leadership on hunger by policy makers has been essential in cutting global hunger in half over the past 20 years

While there has been unprecedented progress around hunger around the world, in our own communities in the USA we have seen virtually no progress.

A handwritten letter to a leader can make a huge difference in helping them take hunger seriously.

There are countless factors that impact who has access to food in a given community. It can sometimes seem overwhelming. It can sometimes be tempting to throw up your hands and hope that someone else has it covered. It’s easy to believe that hunger security, poverty and inequity are someone else's problems. Hunger is everyone’s problem, however, and if we are unwilling to raise the issues to our leaders no one will. To often the decisions made by our government, businesses and other leaders are made without any consideration for how those decisions will impact the most vulnerable. It is on community members to speak to the leaders that represent their community and influence their community to make sure that the voice of hungry people is heard. It is only when leaders take seriously the impact that their decisions have on helping or harming people in our community that we will be able to truly uproot the causes of hunger we are seeking to address.