“We need to ensure our community is a healthy space for recovery.”

  • The number of weekly opioid related overdoses for Washtenaw County residents has more than doubled since 2015.

  • The median age for overdose patients in the county is 35.

  • Of the 329 Total Deaths in our county since 2011, the Ypsilanti area has suffered the worst losses.

One of the major barriers to achieving food security in our community is the epidemic of addiction. In recent years the use of some particularly harmful drugs has increased at alarming rates. Any serious look at ending hunger in Washtenaw County has to take serious steps to make our community as a whole a healthy place for those individuals in recovery and needs to take steps to create guardrails to prevent people from falling into addictions. There have been many great efforts in our community to strengthen the recovery community, but there are also tremendous needs.

The path to recovery is different for every person. The most important resources are hope, love and care. They require a whole community that can pave the way and walk along the journey. When a community member begins the process of recovery they are in many ways like a plant which has been taken from toxic soil and replanted. If there is any hope of the plant thriving they need to be planted in rich, healthy soil. For someone in recovery this means having a community that is willing to hire them, having access to housing they can afford, transportation they can access, meetings they can attend and many other factors. A community that is seeking to support the recovery community seeks to identify the potential threats and address them as well as seeing opportunities and pursuing them.