We begin with the simple goal of discovering an awesome coffee every time we create a new roast.

There is a world of flavor inside the coffee before it is roasted– developed at origin and defined during processing. We respect and develop the flavors of each coffee, and we don't stop until we have a roast that we believe showcases the full potential of that coffee. We always aim for round, juicy coffees with a balance of acidity and sweetness.

Our coffee gives you something to think about.



Jess Harmon started working in coffee in 2010. It didn't take long for her to start roasting coffee in 2012 when she bought herself a home roaster for her birthday. Now, she is an SCA certified coffee roaster and shares her love for roasting with the city of Ypsilanti. Her favorite beverage is hot chocolate (with whip). She is super passionate about gender equity in the coffee industry, from origin to coffee shop. Jess puts tremendous heart and thought into sourcing coffee, overseeing each batch roasted, and providing tasty coffee to the caffeine-intolerant population.



Our sourcing program's focus is to make an inclusive and sustainable impact on the coffee community. We build sustainable relationships with importers, coffee farmers, and cooperatives with a focus on women coffee producers. 

Women coffee producers must respond to unmatched challenges of gender inequality, in addition to coffee industry stressors; pest-related diseases, climate change, and political conflict affecting their crop yields and incomes. The gender inequality often excludes women from industry education, training, and financing opportunities. We understand that the careful selection of the producers we work with helps shape a better future for the entire coffee community.